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Double Glazing Doors & Windows

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A Rated Double Glazing in Glasgow & Ayrshire

All properties lose heat through their windows. By getting energy efficient double glazing installed you can reduce your energy bills and keep your home warmer and quieter.

Scotia’s Double Glazed windows are made up using two sheets of glass with the space between filled with Argon gas. This make up creates a more effective insulating barrier which increases the Thermal resistance of the double glazed window.

Scotia use uPvc frames to make their energy efficient double glazed windows as this material also performs very well in terms of stopping heat from passing out through the window. This coupled with how much sunlight travels through the glass and the amount of air that can leak in or out around the window all contribute to the overall energy efficiency. Scotia are members of the Glass and Glazing Federation and are able to rate our windows using the British Fenestration Ratings Councils scheme for Energy Efficient Double Glazing. We are able to produce an A Rated window which is the most energy efficient.

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How to get the best from your Double Glazing.

  • Choose the most appropriate frame type for your home. Scotia offer uPVC frames for their double glazing. These frames last a long time and can be recycled. They require little maintenance compared to wooden frames.
  • Specify A Rated Double Glazed Windows as this is the most energy efficient type of double glazing and your supplier will need to produce a certificate showing they are capable of providing double glazing that is manufactured to that specification.
  • Ensure you are getting low emissivity glass in your double glazing. This coating is important as it lets sunlight and heat into your home but cuts the amount of heat that can get out again.
  • Ensure that you are getting gas between the two panes of your double glazing such as argon, xenon or krypton.
  • Always specify a “warm edge” spacer for your double glazing. The spacer is the material that separates the two panes of glass. A “warm edge” spacer contains virtually no metal which makes your double glazing much more energy efficient.
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What are the benefits of Double Glazing

  • A warmer home as you decrease heat loss from the house and get more use of the natural energy produced by sunlight through the low emissivity glass.
  • Double Glazing will save you money on your energy bills as you will dramatically reduce the heat loss through the window. This will reduce your carbon footprint as well.
  • Double Glazing should reduce noise pollution in your home as it will keep out a lot of the unwanted noise from outside. It is possible to specify special glass that is designed to provide acoustic protection if, for example, you live next to a busy road.
  • You can make your home more secure by ordering new double glazing. Scotia are members of the Secured by Design scheme and have all the correct accreditations to manufacture your windows to an extremely high standard of security. This includes upgrades to the hardware and glass specification to make it even more difficult for anyone to break in through your double glazed windows and doors.

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