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At Scotia we’re proud of our accreditations as they’re here to assure you of our product standards, the proven quality of our products and our commitments.

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This registration provides assurance to all our clients that our manufacture and installation processes are carried out in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation and demonstrate good practice.

This registration provides proof to each and every client that our manufacturing and installation processes are continuously monitored by BSI assessors to ensure that approved quality standards are maintained.


This certification has been around for a long time. It provides assurances to our customers that our windows are subjected to ongoing independent testing relating to their performance and durability.


Our enhanced Security Kitemark option provides further assurance that our products continue to pass robust tests designed to breach the security of our windows and doors. Many home insurance providers will offer more attractive premiums to those products which have attained this stringent approval.


CHAS is the benchmark against which all other health and safety registrations are judged.

The Glass and Glazing Federation are often referred to as the consumer champions as they have introduced such initiatives as their customer charter and their deposit indemnity scheme which protects customer deposits up to £3000 or 25% of the contract value. They also provide a free conciliation service for those rare cases that customer and company do not see eye to eye.

The Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI) provides guidance for consumers and professionals alike regarding the performance of windows and doors. In order that a product earns the Secured by Design approved product certificate a series of stringent product tests must be successfully completed ensuring that you can select this range and have complete confidence in the performance and the security of our products.

PAS 24 (2016)- Secured by Design (SBD) Windows & Doors

If additional home protection and security features form part of the requirements for your home look no further than our PAS 24/ SBD Enhanced Security Range for windows and doors.

In order to provide these standards, Scotia will manufacture typical window and door samples which are transported to an approved testing laboratory where the product can be assessed to a British Standard Kitemark. These tests will examine our finished product for a number of key performances indicators which for example will include weather performance, strength and durability. Our Enhanced Security award (PAS 24 /SBD) provides the most stringent security standards available in the UK which are independently verified by both British Standards, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (SBD) and also have the backing of many insurance companies, some of whom will offer lower premiums for your investment in better window and door locks. To attain this premium security standard our products must withstand a series of rigorous security tests including impact strength tests and attacks from individuals who have been trained in the most successful methods of breaching windows and door locks. Only the very best performing products which demonstrate an ability to successfully overcome these challenges will be awarded a PAS 24 /SBD Enhanced Security Kitemark. In addition to premium locking systems’ each fully glazed door and any adjoining side panel will require to be fitted with one pane toughened safety glass and the second pane laminated safety glass. This laminated glass is typically manufactured using two sheets of float glass which has plastic bonded between each sheet to form a virtually impenetrable sealed unit, even if broken. The key benefit of the laminated unit is that if the glass is broken, the plastic sheet holds the glass in place…… this makes entry to the household through laminated glass extremely difficult.

Scotia currently offer PAS 24/SBD upgrades on casement windows, fully reversible windows, tilt and turn windows, and a full range of doors and double doors. If you’d like to discuss including these features in your specification please contact us.



Trustmark is a scheme supported by the Government, the building industry and consumer groups to help you find reliable and trustworthy trades people to make improvements in your home.

The BFRC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the glazing industry’s trade association, the Glass and Glazing Federation. Its ratings scheme for Energy Efficient Windows is a voluntary scheme that uses energy labels specifically produced for windows that are similar to the energy labels seen on most household appliances. It sets extremely stringent standards for windows to be rated. The most energy efficient windows are rated from  A to C.

BFRC Window Energy Ratings/ “U” values

There are currently two main methods used for the assessment of insulation in windows and doors. The first of these is “U” values which in its simplest terms applies a measured heat source to one side of a product and compares measurement of heat on the opposite side. The difference between internal and external measurements provides us with an indication of the insulation properties of the material which is expressed as a “U” value. The lower the “U” value, the better the insulation of the property.

Nowadays the familiar Energy Rating label may be found on electrical goods, cars and of course windows. The label allows us to identify products which are independently assessed in relation to their energy saving features and allows us to make an informed choice regarding the products which best suit our requirements.  Window Energy Ratings are more complex as they use three values to calculate the performance of a window which are all clearly displayed on the Window Energy Ratings label. The first of these is the “U” value mentioned above this takes into account the “U” value of the whole window (PVC-u frame and glass combined). The second measurement is the Solar Gain or “G” value which looks closely at the contribution which may be made by natural sunlight streaming into your home. For example, you may have a glass product which has excellent insulation properties but if the specialist glass coatings reduce the light transmission then the natural light streaming through your windows contributing heat to your home will be reduced. This can often be an issue with triple glazed products which often have a high “U” value but a lower Solar Gain “G” value as each pane of glass reduces the amount of naturally captured light/heat we can harvest from the sun. The third measurement used in a Window Energy Rating is Effective Leakage or “L” Value and this would take into account the air leakage in a window. Put simply the higher the “L” value, the more air that escapes through the window.

The three test measurements, “U” value, “G” value and “L” values are built in to a formula, which then produces a numerical score for each individual window. The ratings for windows are ranked from W.E.R. “A” Rated to W.E.R. “G” Rated. For a product to be W.E.R. “A” Rated the product must have a numerical score of 0 (zero) or above whereas a “G” rated product may have a numerical score of -71 (minus seventy-one). For example, our “A” Rated casement range has a fabulous score of +7 (plus seven). We would highlight that whilst “U” values have a place in product assessment, the testing carried out for a Window Energy Rating is much more comprehensive and examines the quality and performance of glass, window frame material and air infiltration which in turn produces a more rounded result.

Please be aware that you should always insist that you validate company claims by asking to see their W.E.R label which should contain the company name.

> BFRC website


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Scotia Double Glazing provides a full 10 years insurance protected guarantee on the majority of products we manufacture and install. A copy of this guarantee can be supplied by our representative.

*  The product and installation guarantees described above relate to domestic installations only and not supply only, trade or commercial sales.

Scotia Double Glazing offer a full 10 years insurance protected installation guarantee on the majority of products fitted by Scotia. A copy of this guarantee can be supplied by our representative.

*  The product and installation guarantees described above relate to domestic installations only and not supply only, trade or commercial sales.

All householders who directly choose to have Scotia supply and install products in their home will be issued with an insurance protected guarantee which is approved by the FCA, which ensures that all guarantees are fully protected.

*  The product and installation guarantees described above relate to domestic installations only and not supply only, trade or commercial sales.

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