• Maintaining your double glazed windows and doors

6 Handy Hints on maintaining your windows from Scotia

You’d never consider not maintaining your car. Double glazed window and door maintenance is no different, take care of your Scotia products to make them last and work beautifully.

Perhaps your windows have been a bit neglected, maybe it’s not something you’ve ever considered before, if you’re somebody who would like to prolong the life of your windows for as long as you can, here are 6 simple tips on how to maintain your windows:

1. Refer to your maintenance guide for optimal instructions for your particular windows (provided with all Scotia products).

2. Treat maintenance like a MOT for your car – a service at 6 months and MOT annually (a DIY MOT!).

3. Use your windows regularly – open and close (and repeat) often to keep the hinges and mechanisms moving.

4. Every time you clean your windows, open them too. Give the inside a wipe and a wee bit of lubricant.

5. Don’t keep using a window that is in need of repair – it will become unrepairable. (See the Scotia contact details below to arrange for a repair).

6. There’s a lot to be said for a little squirt of oil every 6 months!

If in any doubt about the repair or routine maintenance of your windows or doors, get in touch with Scotia at…

FREEPHONE: 0800 151 2259
Email: sales@scotiawindowsanddoors.co.uk

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