• Transformation after new PVC windows and mullions

Case Study: Window Replacement, Cambuslang


Our client had recently purchased a traditional semi-detached villa constructed in blonde sandstone. Our client felt that the appearance of the existing windows which were not in keeping with the original design features and the removal of the stone mullions, rather than improving the appearance, had dramatically changed the look of what was at one time a beautiful period villa.

Window design prior to reinstatement of PVC windows and mullions

Window design prior to reinstatement of PVC windows and mullions

Our client approached Peter Brimer, an experienced sales consultant with Scotia for almost 30 years and discussed “their vision” and Peter advised a range of alternative solutions some of which were more expensive than others.

Our client commented about the existing windows:

“The windows were an eyesore, having been replaced in the 1960’s or 1970’s. We wanted to update them with double glazed units but, at the same time sympathetically. We had used Scotia before in our previous house and were very pleased with the results so we asked if they could undertake this slightly unusual request with the added complication of recreating the mullions.”

The Solution:

Peter advised that a key part of recapturing the original villa features was to revert to the proportions of the original window which were tall, slim elegant frames however to do this Peter needed to put back either PVC-u mullions or stone mullions.

Our client was not too keen on having white PVC-u mullions so decided to look at replica sandstone. The replica sandstone is a made to measure product which was surveyed to replicate the original mullion width and height but also importantly came in a choice of over 30 shades of blonde so that not only could we match the dimensions of the original mullion, we could also match the colour perfectly.

The Outcome:

PVC windows after mullions reinstated

PVC windows after mullions reinstated

Whilst Scotia were confident of the outcome we’re sure our client chewed a few fingernails wondering whether this would be a beautiful transformation or a project they wish that they had never started. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words…..in this case we’d agree!

Our client commented as follows:

“We are so happy with the results as it has restored the original character of the property. Our neighbour even thanked us for adding value to their property!”

As a long -established manufacturer and installer Scotia take great pride in helping our clients achieve their dreams providing first class windows in a range of beautiful styles which can be tailored to suit every home.

Our range of designs are supported by one of the best guarantees in our business and for complete peace of mind they’re insurance protected.

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