Scotia supporting Cash for Kids

2018-05-08T10:30:06+00:00 January 23rd, 2018|Categories: News from Scotia|

Scotia employees continue to do their bit to support the Cash for kids campaign that runs in Ayrshire every year. There were more activities than ever this year including a group walk up Goat Fell in Arran Listed below are the activities and congratulations are due to all involved as over £1500.00 was raised [...]

Case Study: Window Replacement, Cambuslang

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Background: Our client had recently purchased a traditional semi-detached villa constructed in blonde sandstone. Our client felt that the appearance of the existing windows which were not in keeping with the original design features and the removal of the stone mullions, rather than improving the appearance, had dramatically changed the look of what was [...]

Case Study: Mokoia House, Troon

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The Background and Challenges: Scotia Double Glazing were approached by our client who owns a top floor flat in a beautiful property Mokoia House overlooking the Golf Course at Royal Troon Golf Club. Mokoia House is a Listed Building and like many local authorities, South Ayrshire Planning Department have strict guidelines regarding replacing windows [...]

Case Study: New Roofline, Kilmarnock

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Background: Mr and Mrs Haemmerle were previous customers of Scotia having new double glazing installed a number of years previously. The roofline on their stone cottage was timber and required annual maintenance to ensure its longevity and that it provided adequate protection against the elements. Inevitably, over time, even with frequent maintenance and fixes [...]

35 years manufacturing windows in Kilmarnock!

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Scotia Double Glazing was incorporated on 13th September 1983. That means this is our 35th year of manufacturing windows in Kilmarnock. Scotia is proud to be associated with the town of Kilmarnock and has been well served by its local workforce over the years. The company has developed and grown beyond recognition in that [...]